I mainly give talks about digital transformation,the collaborative economy, the future of  enterprise and radical innovation.

Furthermore I organize and run targeted events and collaborative sessions like workshopshackatons and more.

If you are interested in contacting me to give a talk or design a specific innovation event please reach out!


Meet me at the following  Upcoming Talks and Workshops

>> Hire Me as a Speaker, just drop an email <<



  • ForumPA: Twist and Share – Public administration at the turning point of the Collaborative Economy – Rome 29/5/2014
  • Ouishare Fest – Paris – May 5th to 7th – see: ouisharefest.com, I’ll be co-leading the program
  • Ouishare Fest – Paris – May 2nd to 4th –  see: ouisharefest.com, I was  in the core organization team
  • The First Open Source Hardware Documentation Jam – April 26-28, 2013, New York City- see http://www.opensourcewarehouse.org/
  • Ouishare Drink Florence – April the 12th 
  • Ouishare Drink Milan – April the 11th
  • Codemotion 2013 – 20/23 March Rome – see the slides here 
  • Panel on the Sharing Economy – March the 20th ’12 – Turin, Toolbox coworking
  • LiberaMente 2012 – 23/24/25 November ’12 – Bolzano (link)
  • Ouishare Summit #2 – 14/16 of November ’12 – Rome, CoWo360
  • Ouishare Panel on Open Hardware and P2P manufacturing – 5th of November – Barcelona, Fab Lab Barcelona (see details here)
  • Agile Innovation Workshop with Joe Justice from wikispeed.com – 29th of  September  – Rome, CoWo360 (details in Italian)
  • “Business On Open” –  23rd of October 2012 – Ditedi – Tavagnacco, Udine
  • CO-lab: Lavorare & Produrre insieme – 21st of September 2012 – Rome, Festambiente Mondi Possibili  (details)
  • IDCamp –  Impresa a prova di futuro –  (“The Future Proof Enterprise”) – Viterbo, 21st of July 2012 – Talk & Workshop  

See all my slides from the best Past Talks here on SLIDESHARE.

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