Guest Authors

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Guest authors:

Kesiev Norimaki ( is one third opensource ronin, one third videogames addicted and one third otaku. Mixing together with some ice gives unusual results, most of them are downloadable or readable from his blog. KesieV is the author of Akihabara, an opensource javascript framework for cross-browser cross-device flash-less videogames. You can follow KesieV on, that recently is published in English.

Here’s a list of post by Kesiev on Meedabyte:

A retrogamer view on Rich Internet Applications and browser based gamingqui in italiano.

Cristofaro Mune ( is an independent security researcher currently focusing, mainly, on Mobile and Embedded security. In the past he has been Security Research Lead for Mobile Security Lab, discovering, with his team, vulnerabilities in mobile devices, applications and services. Some of his works have been presented at past important security conferences.  In his experience there are security assessments of IT networks, devices and services for major companies. His main interests are exploitation of embedded architectures, reverse engineering and he loves everything that is “food for (security) thought”

Here’s a list of post by C. Mune on Meedabyte:

Mobile Security threats: a trip – qui in italiano.

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