Why we need Open, Hackable Materials now – An Interview with Catarina Mota – on July 26 2012 available here

Interviewing John Robb: how to build your DIY bright Future while the Big Reset is coming – on July 3, 2012 available here

Interviewing Joe Justice from Team Wikispeed on the Future of Manufacturing (and Consumption) – on May 9, 2012 available here

Pirates, Activists and Civil Liberties – Interview with Rick Falkvinge, Pirate Party Founder – on November 7, 2011 available here

Welcome to the Hyper Natural World – A talk with Massimo Scognamiglio, artist and visionary – on September 26, 2011 available here

How Peer to Peer Communities will change the World – Interview with Michel Bauwens, P2P Foundation founder – on July 26, 2011 available here

What makes me a Cyborg – An interview with Amber Case, Cyborg Anthropologist – on July 4, 2011, available here

What’s Behind (and Beyond) Open Source, a talk with Carlo Daffara – on May 18, 2011, available here

Talking Today’s Online Communications with Marco Massarotto – on April 22, 2011, available here

On the Role of Technology in the Startup process – A talk with Carlo D’Acunto – on April 15, 2011, available here

Talking Open P2P Design, FabLabs and Makers with Massimo Menichinelli – on April 5, 2011, available here

The role of Open Source and Free software in today’s world, excellences, issues and frontiers to cross: an expert talk with Roberto Galoppini – on February 24, 2011, available here

Interviewing Glyn Moody: why we should worry about our own digital Freedom. – on January 10, 2010, available here

Interviewing Fabrizio Capobianco: an optimistic Italian – on October 29, 2010, available here

Interviewing Richard Stallman: Freedom in the time of SaaS – on May 25, 2010, available here


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