Simone Cicero

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I am a self-starter, strategist, product and service designer interested in co-design, design thinking and innovation.

I investigate the reasons behind change, correlate things and understand to design relevant and consistent strategies and products.

I’m a Lean and Agile practitioner with experiences in adapting Scrum and other methodologies to operate in non-software centric contexts.

I run workshops for strategy creation, product and service design, planning and more: a workshop can do more than hours of consulting.  Coaching and participated learning are true paths to innovation.

I’m a blogger and public speaker: most often I talk about innovation, disruption, resilience and ecosystems.

I hack society being Ouishare Italian connector (see and Hopen Think Tank ( co-founder. If you need an expert about the Collaborative Economy, the Sharing Economy, P2P Marketplaces, Open Innovation: you’ve found the right person.

I also work a lot with Open Source Hardware and Distributed Manufacturing business models and strategies. I’m Co-Chair of the Open Source Hardware Summit 2014 and International Branches Chair at Open Source Hardware Association.

My content (see has been featured on several magazines and blogs dealing with forward thinking: Repubblica, Domus, Shareable, Ouishare Media, Les Echos, The Alpine Review and many more. My blog and presentations account more than one million views on the internet.

I can help you envision the future of your organization and co-design your strategies, community engagement plans, products and services.

Ah, one more thing: I’m curious.

On Twitter,  I’m @meedabyte. Founder of @hopentt and Rome Connector at @ouishare.

If you want to contact me go for  View Simone Cicero's profile on LinkedIn

or simply drop an email to simone.cicero at Google.


About meedabyte

Strategist, Consultant and Collaborative Pathfinder



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    Hi Simone,

    Great Blog. I just wanted to let you this comment to inform you that a new community program is raising up on the topic of Open source hardware for embedded and critical systems. Its name is BABYLONWARE. You can have a look if you want to the website to see if any link with your initiative could be done.


    Loic URBAIN

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