Would you buy the Dell SIP Phone?

I’ve recently red a very  interesting post about Kindle interpreted as a disrupting innovation in Mobile Industry then, today, accidentally I came up reading this topic on ZDNET citing the WSJ:

Dell working on mobile Internet device

Who prevent Dell to produce a sort of only SIP enabled device, with a:

  • 3G + Wi fi
  • with a 1st citizen integrated and Cloud enabled phonebook and dialer (Android?)
  • bundled with a start-up service token with something like 20€ from a leading SIP provider (e.g.: Wengo)
  • with a full access to a SaaS Office automation suite (why to not use Android, since that’s Google Docs is built in)
  • Synchronized with SyncML and enabled for Offline work
  • full qwerty, Full touch, + tablet/pen
  • thin and sexy

and most important

  • to be commercialized with a built-in lifetime data access for handset to SIP gateway traffic and browsing (even subject to a decent QoS/protocol restriction agreement)

Dell is a market leading personal computer firm, it has an excellent appeal at IT professionals and has an optimal customer support system. The device would have definitively an appeal to the market. Especially if well advertised.

It would not cost much, I’m quite sure.

Would it be disruptive? I’m sure Yes.

The question is: would it be easily commercialized by Dell? What the operators would do?


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