Nokia and Intel to party with the penguins


Penguins party - credits to mkrigsman

According to the quite recent joint announcement, Intel and Nokia are starting a long term partnership with the aim of integrating Moblin, Maemo and oFono projects to eventually build an Intel based, Linux empowered MID/Smartphone (the difference is not so much evident at today) device.

The evidence to me is that, in the mid-long term, the domination of ARM based architectures is not to be seen as acquired.

There’s an evident demand of more powerful CPU’s and chipsets in general but, on the other hand, the demand for low drain on batteries is as well a priority. Therefore a little more competition in the Mobile device CPU market is appreciable.

Other rumours confirm that the upcoming Dell MID device will be likely equipped with Android (I’ll be very surprised it this will not happen).

As I mentioned very early on this blog in the “Nokia secret love for linux” post, I’m not convinced of Nokia’s Symbian aquisition move from the very beginning. I’m not surprised that Nokia is considering Linux the best suitable platform for empowering the next generation connected devices and smartphones.

But, if you read this story from Eric Brown on LinuxForDevices you’ll see him quoting Gigaom’s Stacey Higginbotham

[…Lazard Capital Markets analyst Daniel Amir claims Nokia is preparing an ARM-based Android netbook for release by wireless carriers in 2010. …]

Hey, that would be surprising!

In the meanwhile it seems to me that, behind the virtual headcount’s, Symbian is really becoming an “open” project.

I seriously want to ack the Symbian community and the job that people like Lee Williams and David Wood are doing to change Symbian OS from the 2008 condemned product (guilty of lacking innovation) to a new tool, a new framework in the hand of the developer community.

My idea is that SF is moving in the right direction althought I’m not sure they will finally suceed, my impression is that, anyway, the only way this could happen is via a strong support for community standards like BONDI.

Looking to the situation from a wider point of view last rumours only confirm the definitive penetration of OSS in Mobile Industry and the role that OSS is playing: a technological competitive innovation facilitator.

I’ld not be surprised by hearing of Google moving towards the acquisition of Canonical doing the same that they did with Android and Mobile industry in the Laptop and Server industry.

But this is another story, maybe worth a post :).

addon: just thinking that following link was worth to add: also the Guardian claiming an Android Nokia handset in autumn


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